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PTMERCH Terms of Use

About these Terms of Use

If you buy in store or buy online, the Terms below will apply. In addition to these, we have other important documents that we would like you to read, including our Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy and Returns Policy.​

These terms and policies may change from time to time, so we encourage you to check them before making any purchases.

Terms and conditions


 The use of the Site automatically attributes the condition of User and implies the acceptance, fully and without reservation, of all the provisions included in the Terms and Conditions, in the version in force at any time when accessing the Site. If you do not fully accept any of the conditions established, you should not access/use our Site. By consulting, using or downloading the content of the Site, you undertake to respect the conditions set out in this document. The User may use the Site without any registration. However, some of the Site's features may be registration-dependent.


Please consult the Cookies Policy.



The products sold by PTMERCH in its physical store, located in Queluz, Portugal, are available on the Site. The product information presented on the Site is only intended to provide a brief summary of information for the convenience and information of the visitor.

PTMERCH takes all measures to ensure that the information and data contained on the Site are accurate and up-to-date, upon its introduction. However, PTMERCH does not undertake to update or correct this information. PTMERCH makes no warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of any information (including information about goods and services) included on the Site.

PTMERCH reserves the right to change, delete or move any information on the Site, at any time, without prior notice.

Users expressly accept and acknowledge that:

 • The photographs presented on the Site are for illustrative purposes only, and Users should consult detailed information about the products and their respective characteristics/specifications in the physical Store; the images presented may also differ due to the renewal of the packaging (it depends on the brands the alteration of these packagings), however we try to have the illustrative images with the greatest possible accuracy to our stock), and the product will be the same.

• The displayed price is the price recommended by PTMERCH, however it may vary depending on the stock in case it runs out or due to a typing error;

• PTMERCH will use all reasonable efforts to include accurate and up-to-date product information on the Site. However, it cannot guarantee this;

• PTMERCH does not guarantee the existence of the articles included in the Site in stock, nor will it assume responsibility for discontinued articles. This is due to the fact that we have the physical store open to the public and some items may sell out.


PTMERCH makes available, on the Site, the possibility for the User to add the various products marketed by PTMERCH to a list of favorites.

After selecting the desired items, the User can print their favorites list, save it on their computer, in PDF format, or send it by email.



In order to access a wider range of features, the User may register his/her profile on the Site.

For this purpose, the User must fill in a form, in which, in addition to optional elements, he must indicate the following data:

• First and last name;

• E-mail address;

• Keyword.

To send orders, if you do not pick up at the physical store, you must provide your full address and telephone contact. These must be correct and complete, as your order may be canceled due to the inaccuracy of the data provided.

All information provided by the User must be correct and true. The User must update the information provided to PTMERCH whenever it undergoes any changes. The User is solely responsible for any false, incomplete or incorrect statements made and for the damage they may cause to PTMERCH or third parties, with the information provided.

PTMERCH is not responsible for any damages resulting from the improper or negligent use of the password defined by the User to access the profile. The User must ensure the confidentiality of the respective password. You must also inform us if you become aware of any unauthorized use of your password or any other breach of security.


The Registered User will have access to a personal area, with the data that he has indicated at the time of registration. By registering, the User will be able to access the following additional features:


The Registered User will be able to save their favorites on the PTMERCH server. This will allow you to consult them in the future.


Please see our privacy policy.



After submitting your order, you have 5 days to make the payment. After this period, your order will be cancelled.

There are several payment methods available.

- Bank transfer

We will ship your order after payment confirmation, which may take up to 2 days.

- ATM Reference

Orders with a value of less than €15 plus a service fee, which you can consult when placing the order. We will ship your order after payment has been made.

- Paypal

Orders with a value of less than €10 plus a service fee, which you can consult when placing the order. We will ship your order after making the payment.

- On charge

Do not forget to confirm that the address is correct and complete.


You can pick up your order in our physical store without any associated cost.

There are also several ways to send it. We currently work with CTT and DHL but are working to expand your options. The values ​​vary according to the type of shipment and the weight of the items and you can check the values ​​at the end of your order.


All our items are properly packaged to avoid damage during transport.

Even so, if you find that the package is damaged, you must leave your complaint in writing with the carrier. This claim is essential to be compensated if your items are damaged. If you find that the items are damaged, you must refuse the order and it will be returned so that we can send you a new order or refund your money. If you refuse the order for damage, you must inform us promptly so that we can carry out the necessary investigations. PTMERCH does not guarantee the return or compensation in case of not proceeding as described above.


You can buy items before their official release.

In the availability of articles, we put the date of the official release of the articles. They will never be shipped before the official release.

We are not responsible for delays by the distributor or the carrier, and if the items do not reach us on the scheduled date, they will be sent as soon as PTMERCH receives them.

We do not guarantee sufficient stock for all pre-sales. The availability of pre-sales items depends on our suppliers, and if PTMERCH does not receive sufficient quantities to cover all pre-sales made, they will be directed in order of arrival/payment of orders. In the event that we are unable to ship the items due to lack of stock from our supplier, we will contact customers in order to refund the amount paid in advance.

If you place items in stock together with items on pre-order, they will only be shipped on the launch date. If you want to receive the items in stock without waiting for the pre-sale items, you must place 2 separate orders.

The same goes for placing pre-order items with different release dates in your order. Your order will be shipped when all items are available for shipping.

RESERVATIONS Items can be reserved for a maximum period of 5 days (working or calendar days) if you pick up the items in our store. In the case of buying on the site, it is the time it may take to make the payment.

In case of booking pre-sale items, payment must also be made within 5 days.


The User will be responsible for the content of the information sent or transmitted to the Site.

The User is aware that the use of the Site may not be 100% secure, with the possibility of the information sent/received being intercepted by unauthorized parties, PTMERCH not being responsible for failures in the security of communications and not assuming any responsibility for the use misuse of your information by third parties.

The User acknowledges that access to and use of the Site may be interrupted and that the information on the Site may contain bugs, errors, technical failures, problems or other limitations. The Site may contain links to other websites or be accessed through other websites. PTMERCH cannot be held responsible for them, namely for the control of content, availability, operability or performance.

In the maximum terms permitted by law, PTMERCH excludes any liability, direct or indirect, for the use of the Site.


In case of violation of these Terms and Conditions, PTMERCH reserves the right to exercise any and all actions legally provided for. Furthermore, PTMERCH reserves the right to, at its discretion, terminate access to or use of the Site, with or without notification to the User.

The Terms and Conditions of use of the Site are regulated in accordance with the laws of Portugal.

If any provision described herein is found to be illegal, void, or for any reason unenforceable, that provision will be eliminated or reduced in accordance with the law, without affecting the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.

PTMERCH reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions without prior notice. The User is bound by the version of the Terms and Conditions at the time of use, so we recommend that you consult it periodically.